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Mark Mansfield, President and CEO Mansfield, President and CEO

Mark Mansfield, President and CEO of Shore Consulting Group LLC, spent 30+ years working for and leading a large governmental agency, retiring as the Chief of Planning and Policy at the Norfolk District USACE. Now in private practice, he continues as a skilled project and program manager who specializes in business process improvement, strategy development, economic analysis, and financial planning and execution.

When it comes to Water Resources Policy, Mark has experience in both authorization and appropriation legislative processes. He is extremely proficient at authoring Water Resources Development Act and Highway Systems Designation Act authorization language as well as Energy and Water Resources appropriation language for a number of cities in the Hampton Roads area.

Mark is also well versed in Navigation, where he has addressed the needs of both shallow draft and deep draft navigation users, most often facilitated by evaluations of regional sediment management as a tool to optimize outcomes. He has a demonstrated ability to bring diverse stakeholder groups to consensus on solutions to challenging projects to include project management of the complex Craney Island Eastward Expansion during the reconnaissance and early phases of feasibility study.

Another of Mark’s areas of expertise is Flood Risk Management. Mark’s list of accomplishments are wide-ranging. During Mark’s tenure at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers he led a team that was in charge of preparing damage survey reports for the Federal Emergency Management Agency for major flooding events in the Midwest of the United States and for multiple flooding events in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mark also developed stream/rainfall/water quality gauging networks for several major watersheds in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also, Mark was integral to the development of integrated structural and non-structural flood damage reduction strategies for a number of major cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia to include Chesapeake, Norfolk, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

Environmental Compliance and Restoration is another area where Mark excels. Mark has provided solutions within each of the geographic regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, our nation’s largest estuary. Mark has a unique ability to recognize and address the needs of the vast numbers of stakeholder groups being impacted by Executive Order 13508.

Mark’s body of work and knowledge extends to Watershed Management, where he has played a significant role in the Chowan, James, and Rappahannock River watersheds by developing water resources strategies that are based on actionable outcomes supported by sound peer reviewed science

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