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Annual Planning

Crafting and implementing your annual budget

Long-Range Strategic Planning

Planning for your company's future growth strategy

Capital Expenditure Planning

ROI analysis and capex strategy

Business Analysis

Profitability, cash flow, inventory

Process Optimization

Streamlining processes throughout your organization

Database Design & Optimization

Automating tasks and making reporting easier and more reliable

Site Selection

Market and demographic analysis to ensure optimal site selection

Ad-Hoc Analysis

ROI analysis, cost/benefit analysis, economic impact studies

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What our patients have to say about us:

Mark has played an instrumental part in the planning and delivery of vital navigation and port infrastructure projects. In my dealings with Mark he has demonstrated his ability to maneuver through complex projects and processes and work with varied stakeholders to successful outcomes.

David White, Vice President at Virginia Maritime Association

I have worked with many people from the Corps of Engineers over a 40-year career on many complicated water resource projects, including the removal of major dams, and Mark always exhibited outstanding professionalism, was well prepared, was responsive and inclusive during long-term negotiations involving multiple stakeholders, each with their own issues. His approach, knowledge of […]

David Whitehurst, Director, Bureau of Wildlife Resources at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Mark was always extremely responsive and exceptionally talented at problem resolution. We could always count on his guidance and support whenever needed. It was always a pleasure working with someone as professional and courteous as Mark.

Cindy Gass, Finance Manager Reves Center for International Studies at College of William and Mary

Mark is a detail oriented manger that can recall facts at a moments notice. As a Legislative Aide to Senator Jim Webb, Mark was invaluable resource in discussing Virginia infrastructure projects managed by the US ACOE.

Adam Schiff, Outreach Director at Office of Senator Amy Klobuchar

In Mark’s previous position he acted as a critical liaison between the city of Hampton and his agency. Part of my responsibility is to perform condition assessment, provide survey information, and coordinate with state and federal agencies regarding planning, funding, and execution of projects for shoreline, beach, and drainage facilities, and to repair those facilities […]

Gayle Hicks, City of Hampton

I’ve worked with Mark for a number of years. He has always shown superior managerial kills. Mark is a highly motivated manager with very professional attitude. Mark has demonstrated his technical and non-technical abilities to always provide and accomplish projects on time, within budget, and per scope. I’d recommend Mark for anyone who is looking […]

Sam Sawan, Assistant City Engineer at City of Chesapeake

Mark led the massive multi-stakeholder, multi-agency, multi-year effort to prepare a complex Environmental Impact Statement dealing with measures to restore oysters to Chesapeake Bay. He coordinated policy assessments among numerous state and federal agencies as well as NGO stakeholders, moderated contentious stakeholder and public meetings, and directed an extremely complex process to a successful conclusion.

Bill Richkus

I was honored to have the opportunity to work with Mark on multiple projects via the USACE Section 22/Planning Assistance program between 2009 and 2012. I was impressed and inspired by Mark’s leadership and his passion for improving our environment. Mark is highly respected and admired in the professional community as well as a friend […]

Lin Liang, Senior Associate at Greeley and Hansen

Mark has extensive experience in water resources policy and planning. Couple this subject matter expertise with a deep personal commitment to deliver high quality and high value products and outcomes and the result is superior customer satisfaction for all who seek Mark’s assistance. A measure of Mark’s many strengths is the large number of long-term […]

Eldon James, Consultant and Lobbyist for Nonprofit and Local Government

Mark is a consummate professional in how he conducts himself; he is always well-prepared and informed, and a real pleasure to work with. Mark always made my job much easier, and for that I am thankful. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Joe McGowan, Federal Government Relations at GlaxoSmithKline

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable and professional people that I’ve encountered on water projects and all things Army Corps of Engineers during my time on Capitol Hill. He is unfailingly responsive, generous with his time, and quick to provide insightful recommendations for how to achieve policy goals. Mark is also well-versed in the […]

Will Hupman, Director, Federal Government & External Affairs at Alpha Natural Resources

I had the great honor of working with Mr. Mark Mansfield during a significant period of years that began in 2003. Mr. Mansfield worked with my college and greatly assisted in efforts with College Lake. He came all the way from Norfolk, VA several hundred miles to Lynchburg, VA on numerous occasions to provide consultation […]

Kenneth Garren, President of Lynchburg College

Lynchburg College worked with Mark for a number of years re: restoration efforts of our campus lake. The consummate professional, Mark was always highly knowledgeable, well-prepared, and a terrific colleague throughout the process.

Stephen Arnold, Communications Manager at Metro North Chamber – Colorado

Mark is an extremely capable professional individual of the highest integrity. He has a wealth of experience at the very highest levels of the Army Corp of Engineers.he is a tireless worker, exceptionally articulate, and persistent in the completeness of any task. Mark is extremely resourceful in his knowledge of other professionals in government and […]

Kenneth Garren, President of Lynchburg College

During my career as a local government administrator, I worked with Mark on several projects through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I found Mark to be extremely supportive of our community and an expert in bringing resources together to achieve results that benefitted our citizens. He was honest and exhibited good personal skills that […]

Steve Whiteway, former County Administrator at Mathews County

I am very pleased to recommend Mark. I met Mark while has was at the US Army COE. Found Mark to be a very ethical person, a great professional and a person with a good strategic vision. I would be pleased to work with Mark again.

Federico Maisch, PE, BCEE, ENV SP

Thank you and the Corps of Engineers under your leadership for guiding the City of Franklin through difficult evaluations and exploration of options in response to two major flood events in 1999 and 2006. Your help in forming a collaborative group of seven cities and counties known as the Chowan River Basin Consortium allowed us […]

James P. Councill, III, former Mayor of Franklin

Mark has extensive knowledge in Water Resources Planning and Policy from his many years at USACE. His ability to be flexible when interfacing with both the public and private sectors allows for bringing unique situations and projects to successful outcomes. He would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Doug Higginbotham, President at Tidewater Global, LLC

Mark has exceptional skills in managing diversely talented personnel to pull together towards a mutual goal of accomplishing major scientific investigations into noteworthy environmental problems. He is highly articulate and has the ability to inspire team members to perform at high levels to complete the most essential projects in a timely manner.

Mac Sisson, Marine Scientist Sr. at Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Civil Works planning is an exceptionally complicated skill set given the complexities of the eco-systems we seek to enhance and the political and financial environment in which we operate. Mark was very talented at this art and science with great results for his parent agency and the physical environment of Virginia.

Duke DeLuca

Mark’s problem solving ability is second to none. He always takes a level headed and multidisciplinary approach to issues.

Deborah Painter, Senior Environmental Scientist at Deborah Painter Environmental Consulting

Working with a Project Delivery Team under Mark’s direction was a pleasure. As the Federal lead agency representative, he guided a group with diversified backgrounds and interests with his wealth of knowledge on natural resource planning, agency policy and regulatory permitting, and a pleasant demeanor.

Megan Simon, Project Manager at Maryland Environmental Service